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Happy New Year 2022 to our Families and Friends!

We are already a week after the first day of the New Year and many of our friends and families who've visited Aburiya had exceptional experience and enjoyed their dinner at Boat Quay as well as Robertson Quay. So many offers and new deals have happened alongside takeaway menu in 2021. Here is to celebrate the year 2021 and exciting news to look forward to in 2022. 1. Islandwide delivery takeaway menu during lockdown

Remember the day that all F&Bs are to close for dine-in operations? As many other ventures, we tried to do a takeaway menu for our Wagyu lovers islandwide. Wagyu Katabara Bento and Wagyu Momo Bento were one of the top choices from our customers who ordered it online. We've also had raw Wagyu takeaway for self-pickup as well as local fusion dishes such as Wagyu Rendang! Sadly, the takeaway menu is only available during the lockdown period to satisfy customers of their Wagyu fix. 2. Oyster from the Land of the Rising Sun and Lambs from Down Under

We've launched alot of menu items such as the Aburiya Karubi and Aburiya Rosu, which are $10 a plate. The Fresh Oyster from Japan menu was met with alot of love with customers ordering up to 5 plates! The fresh oysters was filled with praises from customers for it's juicy and creamy textures of the ocean.

The Australian Lamb Chop is also one of customers non-Wagyu items air flown from down under. Tender lamb tomahawk sizzled in our quality charcoal and seasoned with salt and pepper for added taste! They are still available now so do order them tonight.

3. The high grade sake with edible gold leaves

Can you believe it? Consuming gold leaves which are infused with Junmai Daiginjo Sake! One of the highest sake grade in the guide. Known for the edible Sakura blossom gold leaves, the unique taste and Daiginjo grade sake that is very reputable in Japan. We were the first one to sell it here in Singapore. Available at Boat Quay and Robertson Quay Aburiya. Quality: Clean & Sweet, SMV +1.5, Acidity: 1.2 What's new in 2022? Aburiya @ Boat Quay will be launching a new program for Sake lovers in Singapore!

We see it as a premium opportunity for our patrons to indulge sake after work and for dinner with their family and friends. An izakaya with more than 20 sake choices available to dine-in with our Wagyu Yakiniku at Boat Quay. So stay tuned. For more up-to-date news, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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