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Salad lovers galore! At all Aburiya outlets.

At Aburiya, we don't just sell Wagyu or any meat food items for your consumption, as you might bring friends over for dinner for Wagyu Yakiniku at Boat Quay or Robertson Quay. We do forsee vegetarians and healthy individuals who watches over their diet. So we'd recommend you the list of salads available at Aburiya for your vegetarian friends, diet focused individuals as well as salads for sides with your Wagyu BBQ at the quay!

1) Mizuna Salad - $14

Our Mizuna Salad was brought to the table last year as part of our new item menu to increase the variety of non-meat food items available. The Mizuna Salad consists of a Japanese Roquette and Onion salad tossed with sesame, garlic and yuzu kosho (Japanese citrus dressing). Great to be eaten by itself or a side with our Wagyu Yakiniku food items to grill.

2) Horenso Salad (Vegetarian friendly) - $14

The second addition alongside the Mizuna Salad was the Horenso Salad, which consists of the Japanese salad tossed with lemon, garlic oil dressing and bacon bits. Although we do not recommend this to the vegetarians, we'd love you have this as a side with our Wagyu or Fresh Oysters from Japan as a filler instead of rice, for less carbs!

3) Aburiya Salad (Vegetarian friendly) - $14

Our signature Aburiya Salad, consists of Romaine Lettuce & Japanese leek tossed in a fried peanut dressing. May not be suitable for individuals who has a peanut allergy. BUT to those who aren't , this signature salad is made in-house by our chef to satisfy your salad palate.

4) Gyu-Shabu Salad - $14

Not for vegetarians, because it is a mix of Romaine Lettuce & Japanese leek, with boiled shabu-shabu beef tossed with a creamy sesame dressing. If you are allergic to peanuts, best to avoid this as it contains fried peanut oil.

5) Potato Salad - $9

Last but not least, this Potato Salad is a Japanese recipe different than usual potato salads that you might purchase locally. A Japanese style potato salad mixed with bacon bits , onions and mayonaise. Thank you for reading! Please do make your reservations at for reservations at Aburiya @ Boat Quay. Aburiya @ Boat Quay 79 Boat Quay, S049867 6532 0365 / 8499 6064 (Booking Enquiries)

Aburiya @ Robertson Quay #01-03 The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, S238252 6735 4862 / 9129 7242 (Booking Enquiries)

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