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Sayonara Aburiya Boat Quay!

It's with great pleasure to announce Aburiya Boat Quay's closure on 28 Sep 2022. The history of Aburiya remains in our loyal customer's heart and mind, as well as our team at Aburiya.

Situated at the heart of Boat Quay's dining and recreation district, we have served hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the decade. We've introduced new food menu items such our Wagyu Yakiniku and other Japanese authentic dishes, as well as serving our Japanese imported sake from the place of origin. With all walks of life dining in for their A4 Grade Wagyu Yakiniku experience. With much pleasure of serving our customers, we hope to give you a huge thank you for our success over the past 10 years. We could not have done it without you. Let us look at our achievements and glory over the years! 1) Winning the Singapore River One Signatures in Boat Quay 2021

(A picture of Kitagawa-san, boss of Aburiya, receiving the SRO winner certificate by the Singapore River's representative)

We've been nominated by the public as one of the SRO Signatures 2021, with our Tokusen Wagyu Mori dish and won their accolades as part of Boat Quay's Signature restaurant.

Instagram post by Singapore River One (@singaporeriverone).

Singapore River One's Facebook video.

2) Overcoming and enduring Singapore's Circuit Breaker period 2020

(A picture of the Tokusen Wagyu Karubi bento in Jul 2021)

For almost 1.6 years, the world has been inflicted with a terrible pandemic of COVID-19. With many F&Bs and our close neighbours forcing to stop and close their businesses, it was a big drawback to Aburiya as well. After the circuit breaker, almost all of the F&Bs have to survive somehow. In the days where dining in was restricted, Aburiya came up with an idea to satisfy our Wagyu lovers. We introduced the bento set to be delivered islandwide with a huge success for it's tasty and yummy Wagyu meat still preserving it's authenticity and flavour. We've also included a pick-up service for raw Wagyu parts for takeaway!

The importance of this success is the ideation and brainstorming done by our team as well as our managers who've overcame this pandemic hardship to deliver the best of what we do: Wagyu Yakiniku in Singapore

3) Sake Elite Club

Introduced early this year, the Sake Elite Club was praised with various excitement from our Sake lovers, and surprisingly our Wagyu lovers! With more than 25 Sake's introduced to our outlet throughout the years, the Sake Elite Club has brought many of our drinkers happiness with the discounts and perks which also falls under our Aburiya membership as well! Although with the number of Sake Elite Club registrations increase throughout the year, we are now unable to serve our members any longer as our Aburiya Boat Quay outlet is closing this Sep 2022. With these achievements, everyone have made Aburiya Boat Quay a great place for everyone to dine in as well as our team to better serve you. We'd like to end this blog with a huge thank you from us for supporting us this decade and to close this blog, SAYONARA ABURIYA!

Thank you for reading!

NOTE: Aburiya @ Robertson Quay's operation resumes as per normal!

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