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Yakiniku Wagyu Mori

We love Japanese Yakiniku and it is a surprise that Aburiya Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant has been off our radar. Located at Boat Quay, the Japanese Yakiniku dining concept has been opened since April this year, managed by the same team who also runs the Robertson Quay outlet which has been around for years. 

Reviewers on Aburiya Google page

Thankfully was able to get a table to enjoy this dinner with the family before new restrictions kicks in again. When we got there they were obviously very busy due to last minute bookings etc. Despite that the service was very attentive and the food came rather quickly. There was not a time we had to get someone’s attention for assistance. It is a great place for a casual dinner with family and friends. Where you take your time to grill and have a couple of beer.

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