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Appetizer that goes with your Sake!

We've launched our Sake Elite Club membership for Sake lovers in Singapore last month. With the huge amount of support, we are very happy to see our patrons sharing their experiences as well as signing up their membership for the Sake Elite Club. Moving forward, as we have almost up to 24 bottles of Sake, we decided to launch the Sake Special Appetizer for our Sake members. The Sake Special Appetizer menu item is carefully curated by our chef and our sake specialist as well as our top management to give our sake lovers an appetizer that perfectly goes well with their chosen sake. Each items may change seasonally to fit the theme of four seasons.

Starting this March 2022, we are offering these delights such as: - Namuru Mori (Consisting of 4 different namuru) - Wagyu Roast Beef - Nikomi (Japanese stew) & - Edamame (A favourite snack among our Japanese food patrons) As for now, the Sake Special Appetizer is only available at Aburiya @ Boat Quay for Sake Elite Club members only, to satisfy our Sake enthusiasts in Singapore. Thank you for reading!

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