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Authentic style charcoal grill with modernicity!

There are so many outlets out there that has different kinds of grilling style...

With so many charcoal grill restaurants out there, what make us different? For many of our patrons who enjoy grilling meats, we are often afraid of having the 'leftover stench' after we leave the restaurants. And also there's many ways of grilling style such as the electronic grill sets, mookata style grills and not often charcoal grills. The non existent smoky taste and metallic aftertaste of using the electronic grills would make the taste of the meat different than what it's intended to be.

At Aburiya, not only do we serve high-end quality meat, but we ensure too, that the charcoal that we are using are of good quality.

Therefore, we specially import Shiro Zumi ( 白炭, Japanese white charcoal) from Japan and uses them at our outlets. Because of the process of making Shiro Zumi, therefore the cost of purchasing them is higher but by using Shiro Zumi for grilling, it takes a much shorter time for your meat to be cooked.

With our customized table that vacuums the smell and smoke, as well as keeping the charcoal constantly lit and regulated, you will be ensured that you've dined with excellent quality Wagyu and leaving our store odourless on your wear! So do come down today and experience the Shiro Zumi style grills at Aburiya Boat Quay and Robertson Quay! Make a reservation at (Boat Quay)

Aburiya @ Boat Quay 79 Boat Quay, S049867 6532 0365 / 8499 6064 (Enquiries)

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