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Difference between Wagyu and Angus beef

The Angus and Wagyu beef are of the highest caliber and have superb marbling. Both has it's trademarks but in terms of marbling,  Wagyu steak boasts superior marbling over Angus meat, making it more succulent. Additionally, the texture of wagyu beef is softer and more supple, compared  to the regular beef.

Aberdeen Angus cattle are the breed that brought Angus beef to Scotland. They were initially brought to Tasmania, Australia, in the 1800s.  The Angus breed is also recognized for being resistant, which makes them suited for the weather conditions in Australia. The strong bodies of the Angus breed, which were bred for the harsh Scottish winters, is what really give them their toughness.

Wagyu beef, on the other hand, originating from Japan, has four separate breeds. Through frozen semen and embryos, Wagyu beef was first introduced to Australia in 1990. However, Wagyu cattle are only raised more extensively since the 2000s. The largest Wagyu cattle breeding facilities outside of Japan are currently found in Australia. 

Wagyu beef is graded according to the percentage of marbling. One uses the 1–9 scale of the Australia Wagyu Grading system. The Japan Wagyu Grading System is the alternative, and it assigns grades to beef based on yield (A to C) and meat quality (grade) (1 to 5).

Wagyu meat costs more than Angus beef overall because of its increased marbling content.

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