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Enjoy various promotional offers for drinks!

At Aburiya, many patrons have come over for dinner to enjoy our Wagyu yakiniku for our A4 Grade Japanese Black Wagyu. Often many people enjoy the quality and our prices that are reasonable and lower than anywhere else of this grade. Imported directly from Japan, we purchase our Wagyu whole cattle. But, not many people know that we also include various promotional offers during weekdays for drinks! Today, we are sharing with you what you can expect for drinks promotions. 1) Free Flow Alcohol

From Monday to Thursday, patrons can order from the QR Free flow alcohol for themselves. The free flow drink consists of Asahi Super Dry Beer, Suntory Kaku Highball, Lemon Sours, and Glass Wine. Enjoy them at Aburiya Boat Quay! Price: $40 for 90 minutes

2) Happy Hour Promotion

Happy Hour at Aburiya are a favourite among customers to enjoy Mug Beer and Large Beer with their partners at Aburiya Boat Quay. From Monday to Thursday , 6-9pm. Price: - Mug Beer $5

- Large Beer $9

3) Sake Elite Club - Member's price sake (Up to 30% discounts)

We can't stress this enough, Sake Elite Club (SEC | priced at $20/annum) membership is our latest upgraded membership of Aburiya membership, that allows you to purchase Sake at a discounted price of UP TO 30%! With 20 variety of Sake bottles you can purchase, if you decide to subscribe to SEC, you might still have a chance to offset $20 from your whole spending of Sake at Aburiya Boat Quay! Plus, we are offering Sake Special Appetizer that is only exclusive to SEC members at $10/serving. Consisting seasonal items such as Wagyu Roast Beef, Namuru Mori, Nikomi (Japanese stew) & Edamame. Price: $20/annum (membership) Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

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