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There's quite alot of unique sake out here in Japan as well as Singapore. From different shapes of bottles to how the Sake liquor is manufactured, we as the Sake connoisseur are even surprised to see various sake that are made. And the rarest we've seen here in Singapore are the Sakura flower in a sake bottle AND the edible gold flake in a sake bottle.

Guess what? We are selling the one with the Gold flake at all Aburiya outlets! It's called the Kamotsuru Gold Junmai Daiginjo. With a Sake Meter Value +1.5 on the sweet side (but not too sweet!) and having a clean & crisp taste of an acidity 1.2. Hailing from the Hiroshima prefecture, a pioneer of the Daiginjo quality, the Kamotsuru Gold Leaf brand is its signature blend. With fresh tropical flavours and edible gold leaves.

Skeptical about this Sake? Make your reservations today and try out this Sake on your dinner time! Book:

Aburiya @ Boat Quay 79 Boat Quay, S049867 6532 0365 / 8499 6064 (Enquiries)

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