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Do you love Sake? And do you yearn to drink with your colleagues, friends and family at a cosy environment? In the coming February 2022, Aburiya will have something in store for you! We are launching a membership program for our Sake lovers who also wants to dine-in with our Wagyu selections. We have more than 20 sake variations in-store, and we wish for our loving supporters and Aburiya members to try out our nihonshu at Aburiya Boat Quay.

(A sneak peak of our Sake Elite Club membership card)

Introducing the Sake Elite Club membership, an additional upgrade from our current Aburiya membership. Enjoy Sake that is imported straight from Japan to Singapore, and experience the dine-in at the next level. With Wagyu yakiniku and Sake, enjoy members price only sake at Aburiya Boat Quay. *Terms and Conditions apply* Stay tuned for the latest update!

T&C: Sake Elite Club membership is only exclusive to Aburiya membership and at Aburiya Boat Quay only. Aburiya membership is not affliated with other memberships . Eg. Chope members. Sake Elite Club is a per annum paid membership under the Aburiya membership. Members must show the Sake Elite Club membership card first before purchasing the sake at member's price, The Sake Elite Club membership has rights on the member's price sake prices as well as the normal Aburiya membership benefits. For further enquiries, contact us or ask our Aburiya Boat Quay staff for further questions.

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