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July 2022 Promotion is now here!

Ladies and gentleman, we are happy to announce our new promotion for this month.

1) FREE Gyu Kotsu Paitan for every $120 spent!

At a minimum spend of $120, you can get this Gyu Kotsu Paitan soup to be included in your meal today. The soup includes a wealthy amount of Wagyu meat inside, worth $20 a bowl. It's not even listed in our grand menu, so it's good to try out this excellent Japanese soup with your family and friends!

Available only at Aburiya @ Boat Quay.

2) 1 for 1 Alcohol promo still ongoing till July (Mon-Thu)

Back by popular demand, this 1-for-1 Alcohol deal is going strong with many drinkers enjoying various alcoholic beverage available with their friends after work. Only from Mon to Thu, you can look forward to a good Wednesday and Thursday evening at Aburiya @ Boat Quay. Thank you for reading! Reservations:

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