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March is the month for Sake people!

As we enter the month of March of year 2022, we look back at how far we come going through the chaos of the pandemic for 2 years! But here we are not going to talk about that, let's all focus on this month of March 2022 and know what you can expect in the coming days. 1 - Sake Elite Club tier benefits!

Here, we are happy to announce to you the Sake Elite Club tiers you can participate after you've joined the SEC membership. So these are the tiers and requirements to reach them:

Tier Sake Purchases Rewards Bronze Tier 2 Bottles / 1.44L 1 Suji Ponzu

Silver Tier 5 Bottles / 3.6L/5L 1 Sake Special Appetizer (Seasonal item changes)

Gold Tier 10 Bottles / 7.2L 1 - 300ml Tamanohikari Junmai Ginjo

Platinum Tier 20 Bottles / 14.4L 1 - 720ml Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo

Diamond Tier 50 Bottles / 36L 1 - 1.8L Dassai 45 or Hakkaisan

You can qualify to upgrade your membership to higher level tiers by purchasing the number of bottles of sake and minimum total volume stated above. Upon upgrading of tiers, members will receive a reward of accomplishing the membership tier mileage.

2 - Sake Special Appetizer for Sake Elite Club members.

We've recently released a new menu specially catered for Sake Elite Club members when they dine in at Aburiya @ Boat Quay. The Sake Special Appetizer, contains seasonal items and may change by availability basis. These items are, Namuru Mori, Wagyu Roast Beef, Edamame and Nikomi (Japanese stew). These total servings are only purchasable at $10 Do order the Sake Special Appetizer tonight! 3 - Two new sake available at Aburiya Boat Quay

The Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo and Ichinokura Tokubetsu Junmai, were only available for Aburiya @ Robertson Quay. Now, these 2 patron favourite Sakes are now available at Aburiya @ Boat Quay, also discounted for member's price for Sake Elite Club members only!

Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo

Origin: Miyagi

S.M.V.: +1 | Acidity: 1.3

Nice aroma and freshness and intensity. Long-selling product represents Ura Kasumi, released in 1973, ideal Sake during meals.

Usual Price : $125

Member's Price: $95

Ichinokura Tokubetsu Junmai

Origin: Miyagi

S.M.V.: +2 | Acidity: 1.4

Almighty liquor that can be enjoyed in any temperature range, with a refreshing and smart feeling, and goes well with many Japanese dishes!

Usual Price: $72

Member's Price: $65

Make a reservation today at (Boat Quay)

Aburiya @ Boat Quay

79 Boat Quay, S049867

6532 0365 / 8499 6064 (Enquiries)

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