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Recommending the perfect Wagyu Yakiniku with your Evening!

It's the Weekend and the first thing you notice when you walk into our store is the scent of our Wagyu, grilling from various table. Scent lingering in the atmosphere of our restaurant. You have a very special day, considered it might be your friend's or partners birthday or you are celebrating an anniversary of your loved ones. Browsing through the order site and our Grand Menu, you might not be able to suggest a perfect dinner with the people you brought over. Aburiya got you covered! Let's get straight to the point. 1) Set Menu A or B.

The Set Menu is excruciatingly crafted by our chefs and managers to deliver the perfect Wagyu Yakiniku set up you can possibly get in Singapore. While crafting this Set platters, every thought goes into detail to create a wonderful and fulfilling Wagyu dinner with your other Wagyu lovers by the quay! For each of these items, will definitely tickle your tastebuds to experience Wagyu like never before. Of course, it's all packaged for your evening for humongous celebrations to behold. You will never disappoint yourself or the loved ones you've brought with you.

2) Tokusen Wagyu series

You want something classy and high tier Wagyu from our normal Wagyu ranges. We have you covered!

For the high tier Wagyu lovers, the Tokusen Wagyu will never disappoint because it's meat is cut from our Premium Wagyu beef. When we say premium, it's the best of the best cuts of our A4 Grade Japanese Black Wagyu that you can have in Boat Quay and Robertson Quay.

3) The Family Platter AKA Kazoku Mori.

If you are looking forward to a simple and reasonably priced dinner that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet, we'd recommend you these food menu items listed in our Grand Menu.

We have 2 kinds of family platters, which is the Tokusen Kazoku Mori, a platter of 3 Premium Wagyu Beefs with other selected items in a platter, and the Kazoku Mori, a platter of 3 normal Wagyu beef cuts with additional of other meats.

Do look into our menu here and look forward to a wonderful and perfect evening!

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