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Top 7 items to recommend when visiting Aburiya Singapore

Hey guys! I'm sure you'd be wondering if you ever set foot into our outlets at Robertson Quay or Boat Quay. We know because there are so many patrons who would be asking the recommendations in our Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant in Singapore. WELL HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS! I'm able to list down our top favourite picks that we'd recommend when visiting Aburiya Singapore.

1) Tokusen Wagyu Moriawase

A signature Wagyu items from Aburiya's grand menu, specialising in the Wagyu section of our selections of 4 types of A4 Grade Premium Japanese Black Wagyu based on the best cuts of the day. If you are a Wagyu enthusiast or if you are new to Wagyu yakiniku, this is the item to order at our outlets!

2) Set A & B

We've upgraded the current Set menu for 2 pax. Which includes various number of items including the exclusive Tokusen Wagyu Akami. Best for festive occasions and anniversary dinner for you and your partner as well as family and friends!

3) Fresh Oyster from Japan

Not in the list of Wagyu but we urge everyone to try our fresh oysters that reaches from the shore of Japan. For it's creamy and delicate ocean flavours filled into one oyster. NO SHUCKING OF OYSTERS NEEDED! Prepared for you to grill or eat straight up raw with lemon slices for it tangy and sea-flavoured goodness!

4) Tokusen Kazoku Mori

A family platter for you to order with friends, colleague and your own family. It includes a selection of 3 premium Wagyu, outside skirt, Wagyu finger rib, pork belly, chicken, sausage and vegetables, it's not one to be missed!

5) Aburiya Yukke

Literally a signature of our raw Wagyu dishes meant to be eaten straight without grilling. A Wagyu brisket tartare with Aburiya signature sauce, it's an experience to indulge on our flavourful Wagyu meat.

6) Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo

It's one of Japan's highly prized Sake for it's pure concentration of rice polishing to give a full and optimal flavour of Sake. Polished to the limit of 23% using premium Yamada Nishiki Sake rice. Gorgeous aroma

of fruits with beautiful hints of honey-like sour plums.

Best to be taken with our Wagyu for an enhanced authentic yakiniku experience at Aburiya. It is also available for discounts under the Sake Elite Club membership, only at Aburiya Boat Quay!

7) Chevalier Blanc

The Chevalier Blanc is always the customer's choice for a celebratory dinner with our Wagyu. Now at 30% off available at Aburiya @ Boat Quay. Thank you for reading!

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