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What is happening on February at Aburiya?

We have come to the month of February on 2022, so far we have received many happy customers patronizing at Aburiya and our other outlets, Wagyu Express and Wagyu Bites. What is new on February? 1) Happy Chinese New Year 2022! Year of the Tiger

Firstly, we wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year 2022 in Singapore, with a bundle of good luck and a year of financial freedom! We are now in the year of the tiger in Singapore and many of our customers enjoyed dining in at Aburiya @ Robertson Quay.

We are happy to see the smiling faces of our customer enjoying Wagyu yakiniku as we're intended with a side of Negishio Tongue and Kimchi Mori!

2) Valentine's day dinner ideas

Are you looking for ideas to bring your loved ones for a Valentine's day celebration? This 14 February, we are having Valentine's day set meal only for patrons bringing their partners for dinner. Available at Aburiya @ Boat Quay as well as Wagyu Express, we are happy to be part of your itinerary for your exclusive celebration.

We would be glad to be part of your joyous memories!

3) Sake Elite Club @ Aburiya Boat Quay

This week, Aburiya @ Boat Quay has just launched the Sake Elite Club membership for Sake lovers in Singapore. A place for you to experience the taste of authentic nihonshu as well and yakiniku grilling all at one spot. The Sake Elite Club is perfect for those who are looking for a location to enjoy sake and at our member's price only sake discounted up to 30%! Visit Aburiya @ Boat Quay and enquire with our staff or learn more at our Sake Elite Club page, right here in our website.

Thank you for reading!

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